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Power 2 electronic devices at once with the fuse heavy duty car charger

Do you need a more versatile and convenient charging solution for your smartphone?

Everyone has a smartphone; in fact as you’re reading this right now, you’re probably texting. We use our phones all day and it seems like our need and usage for our smartphone is growing. We know you can’t set that thing down.

And, our dependency is growing too. Our smartphones are capable of so much: calling, texting, emailing, online shopping, streaming video, multi-tasking, etc. Too bad they can’t cook dinner for us…. Even more, the smartphone has replaced the digital camera, GPS’s, flip phones, and in some instances, personal computer’s. Because it’s so versatile, it’s only natural you’re going to use it more often. The more we rely on our smartphone, the more apps we use, the faster our battery loses power.

You have a busy lifestyle, right? Who has time to wait an hour or more for our phones to charge? What about those extra devices, a tablet, another phone…. What is a road warrior to do? Fear no more, the heavy duty car charger from fuse is here to power up your electronics. These chargers offer rapid charging power, with an extra USB port. Now you can charge two, yes two, devices simultaneously; it works overtime at no added cost to you. This means you can charge one phone and one tablet or two smart phones simultaneously. It’s great for the busy parents with kids.
The heavy duty charger is equipped with a coil cord that stretches up to 12 feet making it great for transportable uses. You could use it with a transportable battery pack if you’re a hunter, truck driver, camper, outdoor enthusiast or just use it in the garage. Or, if you are one of those who always seems to be in their car, this stretches to the backseat, charging that tablet while the kids are sitting, quietly, watching a movie….

Heavy Duty iPhone Car Charger - 12 foot cord (1)

For convenience we added an anti-slip grip. However, it’s more than just convenient. It’s heavy-duty with an extra thick cord and features an extra USB port. This means it’s compatible with multiple electronic devices.

So, what good is your smartphone or electronic device if it’s not charged? So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get to www.fuseplusyou.com for the 12-foot heavy duty car charger and don’t forget a case or screen protector to keep your precious smart phone protected.

Let the dual charging begin.

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