Leave home without your cellphone much? Didn’t think so….. Bet you don’t think about the daily rigors you put your iPhone through either… Don’t feel bad, that’s why we’re here. Whether it’s in and out of your pocket, in and out of your backpack or purse, on your desk, in your car it’s out there, exposed and begging for a little protection. Your phone is expensive, but even more important, is irreplaceable, your link to the outside world. Why not treat it that way.

Provide your iPhone with the case and protection it’s yearning for. You know something multi-functional, an all in one phone shell, holster, and stand. Your friends here at fuse just so happen to have this very item you’ve been dreaming of.  These heavy duty cases are lightweight and specifically designed for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Whether you’re working in the field, at the office or need to answer your calls and texts with the quickness, the 3 in 1 combo phone accessory allows for a quick draw. You can face the phone outward so that you can see whose calling or face the screen inward for maximum protection.

A 180* strong, swivel-riffic , spring loaded belt clip allows you to wear your iPhone on your waist or purse strap. This feature allows for vertical or horizontal orientation on the waist to adapt to whatever you might be doing.

All in one iPhone accessory from fuse All in One phone case + stand + holster

Now take the holster off your waist, unfold the metal pin inside the clip and boom! You have a stand that provides both horizontal and vertical desktop viewing.


It’s a phone case, it’s a holster, it’s a stand, and it’s protective. All true, and it’s the ultimate iPhone accessory from fuse.

Get one today and while you’re at www.fuseplusyou.com, pick a screen protector. Your iPhone deserves it.

3 in 1 iPhone 5 – case + holster + stand

3 in 1 iPhone 4/4S – case + holster + stand


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